You take a ceramics class together (requested)
  • Louis: You walked into your new ceramics class, knowing that you wouldn't know anyone. So, naturally, you scampered to the wheel and chair closest to the corner. A few minutes later, a young man came in. You noticed that he looked around for a second before making his way toward you. He stood at the wheel next to you, waiting for you to acknowledge his presence. When you didn't, he asked, "Is anyone sitting here?" You slightly shook your head and he sat down. He held out his hand to you, which you glanced at. "I'm Louis." Gingerly taking his hand and shaking it, you replied with your name just before class began. An hour later, you and Louis were laughing and talking together, covered in clay. "You look so ridiculous, Lou!" He threw a little clay at you before saying, "Yeah, you should be talking, (Y/N)!" Smiling, you walked to the front of the class and grabbed two towels, chucking one at Louis. It seemed as if your teacher might have predicted that the first class would be messy. "So," he began, wiping off his face, "Think you'll come back next time?" You nodded enthusiastically, "Absolutely, it was a lot of fun!" He stared at you for a moment. Uncomfortable, you quietly asked, "What?" Louis shook his head, breaking his gaze and smiling, "Nothing, you just missed some clay." You looked at your arms, "Where?" He leaned over and touched your cheek, taking the clay off with his thumb. "There," he said. You blushed and bit your lip. He grinned at you before your both started to collect your things and walked out together.
  • Liam: You had been begging and pleading with your boyfriend, Liam, to take a ceramics class with you for weeks. Eventually, you gave up and decided to take it alone. Upon telling him this over lunch one day, he responded, "I thought we were going to take it together." You rolled your eyes at him. "Liam, every time I asked you, you didn't say anything." He took a sip of water, smiling into it. "What's so funny?" He shrugged, "Actually, love, every time you asked I said I'd take it with you. You were just too busy ranting about how fun and romantic it would be to take it together to hear me." You furrowed your brow, "Wait, really?" Liam nodded, laughing. "Yes!" you cheered, standing up, "First class is tomorrow at nine. See you then." You gave him a quick kiss and walked to your car. The next day, you arrived at class to see Liam already there. You went over to him, hugging him from behind before sitting down next to him. "This is so fun!" you later exclaimed while working. Liam glanced at you, smiling at your excitement. "What did you make?" You asked him after class was over. Liam took your hand and led you out, "Something for you." You fell into step next to him. "Really?" He nodded. "Thank you," you replied, kissing his cheek. When it was finally done, he presented you with a small ring, carefully crafted. You put it on a chain and still wear it around your neck.
  • Zayn: You had been going to a ceramics class for a few weeks now. You had made some friends, but there was one guy that you hadn't made an effort to speak to. He sat alone, always paying close attention, and he didn't talk to anyone. Word got around that his name was Zayn. You would often catch his eye when washing your hands, which would make you blush. It seemed that he was always washing his across from you at the same time. One day while washing your hands, you noticed him glancing around his sink. He cleared his throat before looking at you, "Can I borrow your soap?" Shocked, your head snapped up to find his stunning eyes. "Uh," you began, and he raised an eyebrow. "Yeah," you managed, recovering yourself, "Sure. Go ahead." He nodded his thanks. Every class from then on, he would ask to borrow your soap, even if he had some of his own. Eventually, you asked, "Why do you always use my soap? There's some right by you." Not missing a beat, he responded, "It gives me an excuse to talk to you." You smiled, "Do you think you should know my name then?" He chuckled, "I already do, (Y/N)." Your eyes grew wide. "How the hell did you know that?" Zayn turned off the sink and got a towel, laughing. "Relax, I'm not a stalker or anything. I'm just very observant. And I'm Zayn, even though you already knew that." He walked away, winking over his shoulder. From then on, he'd do little things for you during class. If he saw you needed a tool, he'd get it for you. If you dropped some clay on the floor, he'd pick it up for you and continue on his way. You dropped your towel on the floor on purpose one day, and he picked it up for you. As he draped it over your leg, you said, "Just ask me out already!" Zayn smirked at you. "Someone's impatient," he said, pulling a rose out of his jacket, "If you had just waited until a little later." He had attached a note to the rose saying, "Dinner?"
  • Harry: You and your friend Harry decided to take a ceramics class together. Neither of you were artistic, instead you were both great singers, but you thought it would be fun anyway. Harry insisted on listening to his iPod while working, and you had no idea why. During a class, you were working intently and you heard Harry's wheel stop spinning. Glancing over, you saw him simply sitting and staring at the clay, listening to his iPod. His eyes looked vacant. "Harry?" you asked, forgetting he couldn't hear you. He always blasted his music. "Harry," you called a little louder. He still didn't hear you. You shrugged and went back to work, figuring he was just zoning out. Minutes later, you looked back over to find him looking at you. You waved a hand in front of his face, and he took out a headphone. "You know," he murmured, "You're a really good singer." You were taken aback at this. "Thanks...?" Nodding, he continued, "No, (Y/N), you're amazing." You awkwardly looked at him, "Thanks, Harry. You are too." You both started working again, and you soon heard his iPod hit the floor. He didn't notice, so you picked it up, intending to give it back to him. You couldn't help but look at what song he was listening to, and you couldn't believe that it was one of the few songs that you recorded together. You made sure he wasn't looking before seeing what playlist he was listening to. "(Y/N) Sings" You narrowed your eyes before tapping him. He looked over at you and you held up the iPod, displaying the song. Harry pursed his lips, thinking about what to say. "Okay," he finally said, taking out his headphones, "I really love the sound of your voice, singing or not, and it helps me concentrate and distracts me at the same time. I can't explain it, (Y/N). When we sing together, I think it's magic. I think we're magic. And I know for a fact that you can't look me in the eye and tell me that you don't feel something when you hear us sing or when we're together." He broke your gaze and held out his hand for the iPod. You placed it in his hand, along with yours. "You're right," you said, kissing him. The few people around you aw-ed at the two of you.
  • Niall: "Okay everyone," the teacher of your ceramics class called out, "We're going to be doing a project in partners." You groaned. In all the classes you've been attending, you'd barely talked to anyone. "And, they'll be assigned." You groaned again. At least, if you got to pick someone, you might have spoken to them once before. Your teacher began calling names out to pair up. "(Y/N)," he said, "You'll be working with... Niall." You looked around, trying to find someone who struck you as a Niall. "Over there," your teacher gestured before continuing. Niall leaned back in his chair with an easy atmosphere, hands behind his head. You walked over and sat a reasonable distance away, but not enough to offend him. "Take a moment to get to know your partners." Niall looked at you out of the corner of his eye, you stared at your hands. "Even you two in the back," you teacher called to you and Niall. Niall extended his hand to you, "Well, I'm Niall." You took it, "I'm (Y/N)." He smiled at you and began to make conversation. Luckily, it flowed easily between you two. After a few minutes, and by then you were laughing with Niall, you teacher said, "It's good to see you all getting along. So, for the project, it can be whatever you'd like, I just want a sketch to approve before you begin to craft it. Go ahead!" Niall got up to get some paper, and you couldn't help but think this project might not be so bad. When he came back, he said, "Are you good at drawing?" You shook your head, and he responded, "Me neither." You tapped your fingers on the table. "How about this," you proposed, "Whoever draws the better bird will draw our sketch." Soon after, both of you showed your birds to each other, and of course they were just two arcs connected. "Mine is obviously better," he said, trying not to laugh. "I'm gonna have to go with mine. Look at the quality!" You both couldn't help but laugh. By the end of class, you still didn't have a sketch. "Why not?" Your teacher asked. "Well," you began. Niall continued, "We couldn't decide who the better artist was." Your teacher stared at the two of you. "(Y/N) gets to draw. I need it by next class, guys." He walked away, and Niall said, "Good, that gives me an excuse to ask you to lunch."
  • -Victoria : )
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